Monday, June 29, 2009

Tofu That's Sort-of Like Breakfast Sausage...

This amazing brunch was a joint effort between Shaun and myself.

Doesn't it look lovely? (If I do say so myself!)

Shaun had been wanting to copy a particular "breakfast sausage" -style tofu that's his absolute favorite menu item at "Hillside Quickie", a vegan Southern/soul food restaurant near here. The place is AMAZING but we just can't go out for breakfast every day...

I think we came pretty darn close to their recipe though!!!
No specific amounts yet, it's still a work-in-progress, but the method we used was:

  • Freeze firm tofu.
  • Thaw, drain and press.
  • Slice into thick slabs.
  • Marinate in soy sauce, liquid smoke, red wine, and a bunch of other spices and things...
  • Fry until crisp in a well-oiled HOT pan.
  • Top with gravy*.
  • Enjoy! (Oh, some toast is good too).
*I used Isa's "Chickpea Gravy" which is like crack in this household... someone was nice enough to post the recipe here: Punkrock Chickpea Gravy. I admit it's the main reason I own Vegan with a Vengance, (I am just SOO not a "cookbook" sorta person) but if you've never tried it, DO!!!

I don't get the "breakfast sausage" similarity quite so much, but it's deliciously juicy, smoky, chewy, fried...pretty amazing stuff!

So yeah.... that was brunch. Fall-off-your-chair sort of delicious.

The next day we went to Kokeb Ethiopian Restaurant with fellow vegan friends from Seattle.

Ethiopian is truly a dining experience everyone needs to have. Lots of restaurants here in Seattle, but none in Albuquerque, (where Shaun lives) so what better reason to go?

You can read about it on their website. Lots of vegetarian choices too!!

Not only that, but I got to hold the cutest baby in Seattle... or Washington... maybe the world. (He's vegan too, how awesome is that?).


T said...

YUM! That "sausage" looks very do-able.

And what an adorable little veg baby!

Jen said...

i'll try the sausage! new use for frozen tofu, yay!

ps--that bebeh is hellacute!

Bianca said...

That tofu sausage looks soooooo good. I love what freezing and thawing does to the texture. It's like magic. And yes, that chickpea gravy is like crack. Love it!

Also, you just reminded me that I need to eat Ethiopian food again VERY soon!

Anonymous said...

That is one cute baby!

Thanks for the idea for the tofu...can you approximate how much liquid smoke you used? I have a problem...I either use WAAAAY too much or so little I can't taste it. I have liquid smoke issues!


Andrea said...

I agree with you about Hillside Quickie's. We were there not long ago and after our visit I had to try to re-create the cajun mac and cheese.

Your breakfast sausage looks really good!

Julia said...

I tried this and it was very good! Thanks for the idea.