Sunday, July 19, 2009


So I've been lusting over this waffle iron for ages ever since seeing it on Joshua Katcher's blog (The Discerning Brute; Food, Fashion and Etiquette for the Ethically Handsome Man).
I tell you, more guys need to do blogs. Not that I don't love all my blogger girlfriends out there, no, no, no. I just enjoy the perspective that guys like Joshua and other vegan men can provide.

OK, so, I don't need a waffle iron. I own three. Yes. Three. But NONE of them made waffles in the shapes of cows, chickens and pigs.
And as a vegan, dedicated to eating NO ANIMALS for breakfast or any meal, I thought it was delightfully ironic that I could enjoy waffles in the shape of those animals I cared enough not to eat!
So, even with the screaming-tight budget this household is on, I set pennies aside until I had enough for my precious waffle maker.
The one I don't REALLY need. But everyone needs to treat themselves to something special once in a while. Right? Others might choose a manicure or new shoes or a power tool. HA! I chose a waffle maker!
And without further ado, here is the wonderful waffle iron I ordered from Amazon a few weeks back. And here are some of the WONDERFUL Sunday Morning waffles we enjoyed today.
My waffle recipe is HERE.
The waffles are topped with real maple syrup, and others with fresh berry sauce and whipped coconut cream. (1 can COLD coconut milk whipped with hand mixer, sweetened to taste.)
As you can see, I didn't whip it long enough - certain people (*cough*Shaun*cough*) were WAY too impatient!

Fresh Berry Sauce

(I dislike "cooked" fruit so this sauce has the berries gently folded in at the last to preserve their bright flavor)
Bring to a low boil stirring with a wire whisk as needed:
2 cups water
1 cup sugar
1 Tbsp lemon juice
In a separate bowl, mix:
2 Tbsp cornstarch mixed with 1/2 cup cold water until there are no lumps

Pour cornstarch mixture into boiling sugar water. Reduce heat to medium high but keep just boiling. Mix with wire whisk until mixture thickens and starts to turn clear-ish.

Remove from heat. If it wants to scorch, remove from heat sooner.

Set aside until ready to serve.
Just before serving, mix in thoroughly:
2 - 3 cups fresh berries of your choice, stemmed, rinsed (and if strawberries, cut into chunks).
This will give you a beautiful, bright and very fresh-tasting fruit sauce for ice-cream, waffles, shortcake, whatever sounds good...


VegMomma said...

Yum! Looks good! I also like the male side of the veggie blogosphere. There is one "My Veggie Kitchen" (vegetarian) that is great too.
I am like you in that when I buy myself 'something nice' and save and save and save for it, it is usually kitchen related. Recently it was a VERY nice slowcooker with a pressure lid and timer, etc. LOVE-IT!!! I am going to have to look into this waffle iron now--since I actually NEED one!

Pistachio and Cardamom said...

omg the berry sauce looks like blood! ha totally kidding. i so get what you mean about eating animal shaped food...i have little pig shaped cookie cutters and everytime i eat a cookie, my too cool for school brother sarcastically questions my commitment to veganism...silly goose. Oh and your waffle recipe sounds awesome by the way!

Bianca said...

Holy cow! I need that! I'm desperately in need of a new waffle iron and that one is toooooo freakin' cute. I'm also gonna have to try your coconut cream recipe.

Thanks for the tip on adding beans to the deviled egg yolk. I'm gonna try that next time to help with texture.

Blissful saddhu said...

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Anonymous said...

OMG--that is the cutest waffle iron ever! I don't have ANY waffle irons, but if I ever get one, I want that one! I didn't even know they made waffle irons with shapes...


Catherine said...

New waffle irons are definitely a cause for celebration!

My waffle iron broke a while back, and I have been missing it dearly . . . pancakes are delicious, but just not the same! I should start a "waffle fund" change jar or something!

Jen said...

good lordy, those are adorable waffle irons. awesome, just awesome!

kimbalaya said...

Too totally cute!!

Vegetation said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! I want one!!

Erin said...

That waffle iron is definitely worth saving for, so cute!

Carrie said...

I LOVE your waffle iron! So cute!

Veg-a-Nut said...

Coolest waffle iron ever! CAn I come to your house for breakfast?

trina said...

Oh good land, that's cute. I really dig the barn for them to play in too. And I actually need a new waffle maker, unlike some ladies I know.

Sarah said...

Those are adorable waffles! I am definately sticking that iron on my amazon wishlist!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh. my. WORD. I NEED that waffle iron! Your waffles look perfect!

sallyomally said...

Love the waffle iron. Yes, you did NEED it. Once in awhile we have to do something that makes us happy;something that's good for the soul. Personally, I would take a cooking gadget over a silly manicure any day! One of my students gave me a waffle iron for Mother's Day and I've had fun with it. We veganized Paula's recipe for chili and cornbread waffles.

Carrie™ said...

I'm so glad you got such an amazing deal on the waffle iron. You will now, undoubtly, have the cutest waffles in the world!

Bethany said...

wow! 4 waffle irons is a lot. I guess that means you can fire them up at the same time and never have to wait long for a waffle.

the waffles are really cute, btw.