Friday, July 06, 2007

Seitan 'Roast' and Purple Potatoes for breakfast

Breakfast this morning was Little Sprout's favorite: tofu-scramble and fried potatoes.

Because I was out of regular white potatoes, I used up some Peruvian Blue potatoes I'd picked up at last week's Farmer's Market. They cooked up so pretty and purple, and made AWESOME home-fries, though they looked almost black after frying. Even so, my Little Sprout said they were super-good - "but the peaches were more yummier". Better get more of those this weekend!

For dinner, (well, way before dinner) I decided a "pot roast" sort of thing, using seitan, sounded good. Using a seitan roast recipe by Bryanna Clark Grogan (Look down the page under "Easter Recipes") recipe, I made the seitan into one large loaf.

I liked this recipe because I could knead it in my bread machine. I then baked it in the oven, adding carrots and potatoes during the last 45 min. (Imagine there are carrots and potatoes in the picture - I sliced it before adding the veggies to the plate!). Perfect!

Just a side note - the recipe calls for a little bit of ketchup in the cooking broth, but I was all out, so I added some tomato sauce. Upon tasting the broth, it didn't have any tomato flavor at all, so I dumped in the rest of the can. Still not too tomato-y but the broth was pretty red. I figured this wouldn't hurt anything. And it didn't.

But when we got the "roast" out of the oven and sliced it, it was very reddish inside with red "juice" running out. (Doesn't look quite so "red" in the picture, unfortunately). I have to tell you, it freaked my kids out JUST a little! "Mom, that stuff looks so.... real!"

It was still incredibly good, (as all her recipes are) and the leftovers made great sandwiches the next day.


Verdant said...

I love seitan!

frogonabike said...

I want a slice of that! I am so trying this myself soon!

mare said...

Hmmmm...I'm a celiac so seitan is on the NO list but if I could wear gloves while making it I think maybe my SO would enjoy it. Is homemade seitan no fat?

Veg-a-Nut said...

Yes, I agree the roast looks so real. I will have to try her recipe. I used another seitan roast recipe and the flavor was pretty bland.

I am with your little sprout. I love tofu scramble!!!

admin said...

That roast looks delicious.
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