Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Farmer's Market

Just a few pictures from the Farmer's Market, sorry if the page takes forever to load. I couldn't resist the colors!! The produce was soooo beautiful this week (every week).

Makes me so happy to be vegan, you know? It just wouldn't be the same taking pictures of bacon or something...

The cinnamon rolls are happily vegan too - I know they're not produce... but come on, CINNAMON ROLLS!

Little Sprout loved cooling off in the fountain - as did most of the other children - and a few adults!
Hope each of you have a great weekend!!


Julie said...

All of that produce looks so beautiful!! And vegan cinnamon rolls? Awesome.

Candi said...

That's a big market! I am so envious! I would have run right by all the produce for those vegan cinnamon rolls!! :P :P

Beautiful and colorful post!!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your farmer's market too. Our Saturday market has three veggie stalls, one bread stall and two dairy/meat places. The colors of all the veggies are truly amazing.

BTW, I checked out your sprout's blog - very clever!

bazu said...

love, love, LOVE these pictures! what awesome produce.