Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thai Night Out!

Went to Thai with my oldest Sprout, and my girlfriend* Sherrill, tonight. It was fabulous, of course. Woo! No cooking for me!

(*OK, and lest we're confused, that's 'girlfriend' used in the old-fashioned sense, as in: "long-time, platonic, good friend who is a female or girl" not meaning "someone I'm in a romantic relationship with". Sheesh people, can a person not have friends of the same gender without e-mails trying to correct my use of a word describing a relationship. As if it's anyone's business what sort of friends, of what gender, I have anyway.)

Uh, yeah, OK, end of rant...sorry, didn't see that one coming!

Anyway, moving on.

Thai food.

Our little redneck town has been blessed with three wonderfully veg-friendly Thai restaurants, the jewel of which is Ayothaya, a sparkling example of how wonderfully fresh and original Thai food can be - The restaurant is lovely, the staff courteous and fast (they know our names and favorite dishes and greet us like family when we come in the door! This probably speaks more to the amount of times we stop in here rather than their memory skills - heh...) and the food is amazingly delicious, beautiful, and (important for me) affordable.

Now, they do serve regular "omni" dishes, but most everything is "vegan-izable". They don't use fish or shrimp products in their sauces, and they're very contientous and respectful of our family's vegetarian preferences.

(The name "Ayothaya", by the way, comes from the ancient capitol city of Siam, part of what is now Bangkok, Thailand.) If I sound like a restaurant reviewer, it's true - I can't stop raving about this place.

Tonight we had fresh spring rolls with a plum/peanut sauce, Pad Thai, Sen Mei, Panang Curry, some vegetabl-y-basil thing and Pineapple Fried Rice. All of it, amazing and plenty to take home for later.

I got a couple pictures, even though people looked at me oddly. Yay for Thai food.


Twisted Cinderella said...

I have never tried Thai food, but I want to really really bad! And this looks heavenly!

michelle said...

Ooh, I love Thai food!
Unfortunatly my town has nothing beyond a pizza parlor, but the town in which I attend school has this lovley Thai restraunt. It's just amazing. And while under listed under the "Vegetarian Dishes" part of the menu there's fish and chicken, they have this delicious dish of steamed vegtables, golden crispy tofu, and peanut sauce.

Melody said...

Sounds like a lovely girls night out! That food looks delicious.. and you're so lucky to have a restaurant where you trust their ingredients.. we used to live in a town with the BEST chinese restaurant.. and I KNEW they made my food to order.. because I was so anal with what I ordered.. my husband went back there last year because he was on a road trip and they remembered him and what we liked to eat! I was soo impressed.. !

Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

Yeah - Thai is a huge favorite here and I am really glad I can trust this place. It IS very cool that they recognize and remember us.

Hey michelle, pizza's my second favorite - I'd usually settle for a loaded veggie cheese-free pizza if Thai wasn't available.

Anonymous said...

i never try thai, no place around town! but sound good!