Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Something a little fun and different.

Thirteen Things about Fairly Odd Tofu Mom

1.) I'm terrified of thunder and lightning storms, but little else.

2.) I started out homeschooling my oldest daughter, but ended up having to go back to work, so my kids attend private school now - still a huge home school fan though I wouldn't change the way things worked out for anything.

3.) Without my trusty rice-cooker, I can't cook rice to save my life. 30+ years of attempting and it never turned out 'till friends took pity and gave me my wonderful rice cooker!

4.) I'm allergic to cats even though we own three.

5.) Except for parsnips, I think there's no vegetarian food - fruit, vegetable, beans or grain, that I don't like.

6.) Even though I call myself a "life-long vegetarian" there was a brief period in college where I ate fish - because other so-called vegetarians convinced me that vegetarians DID eat fish, and I really couldn't find any information to the contrary... I'm so glad there's more information out there for people now.

7.) I was considering making the change to veganism for quite some time, but really got serious about it 3 years ago, due very much to the influence, support and information provided by my good friends Shaun, Dee, Anthony, Brandon, Jessica, Jennifer and others over at

8.) We just got done with the huge, lengthy, and very messy project of remodeling our garage into a laundry-room and bedroom for my oldest Sprout. WHAT a mess! Hmmm.. maybe I should post pix.

9.) My two older Sprouts are leaving for Mission trips to Ecuador in a few weeks and I'm going to miss them like crazy and be depressed for days and eat nothing but chips and chocolate (yeah, yeah, I know they'll have a wonderful time and all, secretly I really am thrilled and so proud of them!).

10.) I'm a huge fan of Food Network, and even though nothing is ever vegan it's fun to try and "veganize" their recipes in my head as I watch.

11.) I changed my eating and exercise habits drastically and lost 75+ pounds two years ago, but somehow got sidetracked and quit before I reached a reasonable goal. (Obviously I still have a LONG ways to go!)I haven't gained it back even with the goodies I do eat, but need to jump-start the whole "losing" trend again.

12.) I love to travel and even though I haven't gone anywhere too exciting, some fun places include hanging with friends, family - people I love - in San Jose, Albuquerque, Phoenix and Denver whenever I've saved up pennies or frequent flyer miles. Looking forward to a possible trip to Boston this summer to hang with Veggie Friends! Woo!

13.) I am the most frugal person you will ever meet, though usually don't say a lot about my tightwad habits. Our family has a pretty limited budget, most weeks, and yet I always manage to stretch it a l-o-n-g ways.

Yeah, that's about all for today...

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Twisted Cinderella said...

Great Thursday Thirteen. I loved learning more about you.

Anonymous said...

i love to read about you and i will love to learn more about how you strech the money!

Julia said...

Very interesting. It's good to "meet" another lifelong veggie. My parents became vegetarians in the 70s before I was born, except they also ate fish. I was raised vegetarian and made the decision to quit eating fish when I was 9. I like to tell people that our family with its 3 generations of vegetarians is living proof that the diet is adequate for all stages of life.

Anthony said...

Howdy, Ms. Tofu.

Dori said...

This is a fun entry. I am a dollar stretcher too, it afforded us the lifestyle we were much happier in. I think it is great that you stretch your dollars to afford the more important areas of life (like private schooling). We actually started public school and then went homeschool. My son is a senior and is taking some college classes, but he is still homeschooling in math, science, and english. My daughter is back in a small public school but it is a good fit for her. Nice to meet you Ms Tofu. :)