Thursday, January 25, 2007

Curry Veggies and Tofu

I had a bunch of tofu to use up last week, so I cubed it, browned it in some coconut oil, and then froze those cubes.

So this week when I was feeling tired, (lazy) and not very creative, but craving tofu and curry, it was SOOO easy to whip this together!

Yellow Curry, Tofu and Veggies

1 Tb. Aroy-D brand yellow curry paste

(I'm posting a picture because people keep asking where I find vegan Thai curry paste.

This brand, Aroy-D, makes a very authentic, but vegan, Thai-style curry paste that does NOT have shrimp paste, fish paste, bonito or any other non-vegan nastiness in it.

It's a million times more flavorful than the bland 'supermarket' varities, so give it a try if you get a chance!

Read your labels though, many curry pastes are not vegan. I find it at my local Asian market.)

1 can coconut milk
Aprox. 1 lb. tofu, cubed and fried until brown.
2 cups veggies*

*This is PERFECT for leftovers!!
Most veggies (except peas) should be cooked or partially cooked through before adding to curry.

Other good choices are cauliflower, peas, white or sweet potato cubes, mushroms, garbanzos, green beans, tomatoes or okra.

To put it all together:
Wisk curry paste and coconut milk together over med. heat until curry paste is mixed in completely and sauce is heated though.

Add fried tofu cubes, as much as you'd like. Simmer in curry sauce until tofu is hot, about 10 minutes.

Add 2 cups (or more if you want) cooked or partially cooked veggies - I used leftover zucchini and frozen peas tonight. Simmer until veggies are heated thru and done to your preference - this won't take long if they're already partially cooked.

Serve over steamed rice.


scottishvegan said...

That looks so simple and so good! I will need to hunt down some vegan curry paste and give it a go!

Linda said...

vegan curry paste, eh? interesting. i've never come across it. thanks for sharing. i'll keep my eyes peeled. can't wait to give it a try -- it sure looks delicious!

TC said...

Mmm . . . I love me some curry!