Monday, March 23, 2009

Seattle VegFest 2009

The Big Day dawned grey and drizzly, no surprise for Seattle weather and definitely not significant enough to keep the faithful from their journey. (OK, maybe I'm rhapsodising a bit too much...)

But, OH MY!!
The things we saw. The foods we tasted. The people we talked to. The facts we learned. Most of all... the FUN WE HAD!!
Seattle's Vegfest is the largest vegetarian-food festival in the country, with 14,000 visitors last year.

I realize my ramblings may seem a bit redundant, 'cause I've blogged about previous year's VegFests here and here and on and on... and I do tend to get carried away.

But I'm excited to share this year's adventure, as my perspective is somewhat different...

See... instead of the usual group of fellow vegans/vegetarians, I branched out and brought several friends who are definitely not vegetarian, as well as a crew of teenagers, (including my daughter who actually IS vegetarian - I had to have SOME support after all!).

And of course, Barbie came along for the ride, and she may have upstaged me, as she has her OWN blog!! (Fine Barbie, then take your own PICTURES too!!!)
. .
. .

So without further ado, here's the part you're wanting to read anyway, a sampling of what we sampled:
One of my favorites first: (OK, everything was a favorite) Best vegan treats in Seattle - at least in my book. Mighty-O Doughnuts. Yes, you CAN be vegan and indulge in sugary, fried pastry goodness!

The picture doesn't do them justice. Wish you could have been there.

A Vegetarian Festival isn't complete without tofu of course, and this is hands down the Best Tofu in the World that I know of.

I LOVE this tofu so much! I could be their spokesperson!

I spent quite a while chatting with the owner, "Tofu Phil" who started the company in 1992. They're a small LOCAL artisan tofu company and truly do make the most amazing and delicious tofu I've EVER had. (From a blogger called Tofu-Mom, I think that's the ultimate compliment right there.)

As I've whined about before, my budget doesn't allow specialty items very often, but this is worth it! I can GUARANTEE the price is worth it - my favorite would be the Curry flavored. Even if you *think* you don't like tofu, give theirs a try. At least once. Or ten times. (They're coming out with a new Lemongrass-Ginger variety that I can't WAIT to get a hold of!!)
Moving on, another of our favorite vendors was Dave, of Dave's Killer Bread. We make sure to visit every year. Go to his website, read his story. Be amazed.

Oh, and try some bread too, you'll never, ever want any other bread. It's been our family's favorite for over a year now. And sorry to tempt those of you who live far, far away... it's a local (Portland) thing.

Dave totally charmed my daughter by posing with Barbie for her blog. You'll have to visit Barbie's Blog to see more.
As a bit of trivia? Dave and I attended the same high school. All the more reason I love his bread :)

Weirdest and most "Un-Vegan-Like" item: "Cavi-Art vegetarian Caviar," made from seaweed. The kids were braver than I was, too fish-egg realistic for me, and I tried it last year, so I'm exempt, aren't I? While my daughter wasn't impressed, her friend Tanner almost liked it, I think.

Best Hummus out of 272829282827 varieties we tried. (Why do these events always attract yet ANOTHER vendor who thinks they have the best hummus out there?)

Well, Maloula's Garden Garlic Hummus was honestly really awesome stuff - definitely stood out from the crowd. That's high praise coming from a hummus-snob like myself who really never eats store-bought. Another local product too!!

We don't remember what this green drink is. My daughter thinks it was a hemp-something-or-other, but I think it looks more like one of the many green drinks being sampled (way too many since I'm NOT a fan of green drinks!!). We all cheered her on for being brave enough to try it!!

And speaking of green, I'd like to take a moment to point out our NAILS, which we'd thoughtfully painted a nice eco-friendly GREEN color in honor of today!

Last, but definitely NOT least, my wonderful friends over at Field Roast!! OK, not friends, like good-buddy-pals, but I consider them such, all the same. They always recognize me from my blog and are SO friendly. They're an amazing, tasty and again LOCAL company! Last year they even gave me a great Field Roast tee shirt - I should have worn it today!!
Field Roast was sampling their new MEATLOAF which will be available in stores in a month or so. EXCELLANT and as you'd expect - SO tasty!! Too bad I got a crap picture. It didn't taste like crap, I swear!!

We ended the day with full tummies, a little craziness and way too many new and tasty ideas. My friend Tanya became particularly attached to the Mighty-O donuts sticker. We just pretended she wasn't with our group.

If you're ever in Seattle around the end of March, VegFest is an AWESOME destination.


Vegetation said...

I'm as jealous as I am every year when I read your veg fest post!!!

Sal said...

looks like you had a great time. I want a donut!!

Annie said...

Hey! that's so awesome! I wish vegfest would come to Mexico, but oh well! hehe. I'm happy you had a great time.
I just wanted to tell you that it's so awesome that you went to a Jeremy Camp consert, I'm a christian and my sister and I are fans of his music. :)

aTxVegn said...

What a great time! I too am jealous every year.

Good-Dees said...

I'm jealous too!! The only thing we would have like that in the Detroit area would be FRIED-FEST and NOTHING would be vegan.

Cindy DG said...

Veg fest looked aweswome! I became a follower of your site :)
This looks great!!

Chelsea said...

I love the Portland Vegfest, so I can't even imagine how awesome the Seattle one must be! I am so crazy about Dave's Killer Bread - I even won a tank top in the auction at last year's Vegfest! :)

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh I never knew things like this existed!!!! What a blast!!!

Cynthia said...

Sounds like y'all had a ball!