Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vegan Vietnamese - Yum!

My friend Shaun is visiting from New Mexico.

I love it when he's here, because he's a lot more adventurous about trying new restaurants than I am (well, and we like visiting with him too, of course!!!)
So, yesterday we took my youngest Sprout and ventured to a new-ish all-vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle's busy and colorful International District.
Oh MY! We'd heard great things about the place from fellow vegans and let me say... we were not disappointed!
Vegan Garden (OK, the name's not real original) has this h-u-g-e menu of tasty sounding Vietnamese favorites, all vegan and many made with fairly realistic "mock meats". If those aren't your thing, there's plenty of veggies and tofu too, not to fear.
Well, I am not ashamed to admit we all really LIKE fake-chicken-fake-beef-fake-lobster (?!?we didn't try that, but they have it!).
It took us forever to order, faced with so many choices, but I think we were most excited they had vegan Phở (a traditional Vietnamese beef and noodle soup), so we started with that. It had some sort of mock meat, mushrooms and tofu in a tasty broth; I can't imagine anyone missing the meat!!
My daughter had tofu spring rolls (which, as always, she inspected for any "weird" things - like carrots). The three of us also tried lemongrass "beef" and "chicken"-something-that-I-can't-remember. I DO remember that it was good though!! Everything was.
Yes, we ended up with lots to take home, but SOOOO worth it! We finished with my favorite treat ever, Vietnamese coffee which I haven't had since going vegan, (it usually has condensed milk) but this was made with coconut milk. Oh.Wow.
Everything was incredibly delicious, colorful, generous portions, perfectly cooked. The staff were super helpful and the restaurant was clean and well lit.
If you're in Seattle, you have to check this place out!!


Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

so cool that you found such a vegan friendly place!

Chelsea said...

Oh man, that looks delicious! I haven't been to Seattle as a vegan, I need to hop on the train!

KleoPatra said...

you are SO amazing. i have missed you!!!

Lucky, lucky Shaun. i'm stoked you've been checkin' out places to go 'round town with him.

i think i've been to the Vegan Garden there. LOVE it. It's been a while but very cool. Looks like you had such great stuff there, too. Yummers. i miss your part of the USA and need to get back there one of these daze...

i totally hear your daughter's checkin' for "weird" stuff... i'm STILL like that. WHY? WHY? WHY? i dunno. Old habits die hard, or don't die at all, i suppose.

Lotsa love your way from SD CA!

HipFlyGirl said...

We have several vegan Vietamese restaurants around here as well.
I have only tried one and was pleased. I'm in the Los Angeles area so there are always new vegan restaurants opening up all over the place. The food looks delish and your youngest sprout is absolutely adorable! I love her expressions!!

Bianca said...

Damn, I so wanna move to the Northwest. You guys have all the good stuff! I, too, share a love for the mock meat, and I especially love the interesting fakies at Asian restaurants.

Anonymous said...

I love Vietnamese food and the local place I go is very vegan friendly too! I just discovered fake chicken and loooove it.

Lauren said...

I've never had Vietnamese coffee because everywhere I go makes it with milk! You are so lucky! :)

jelymo said...

holy cow, all that looks really, really, really effin' good. i am a bit envious of not having that restaurant in btown. i still need to go to one of our asian markets to find if they have any weird fake meats.

bazu said...

vietnamese coffee with coconut milk??? you've officially blown my mind! oh, the possibilities...

Destiny's Vegan Kitchen said...

That looks so good! You're lucky to be near such an amazing restaurant. Your daughter is funny. I used to do the same thing when I was young!

Binx said...

nice! I LOVE Vietnamese food. There are few good places to get some here in Philly, and one in San Diego that I should be visiting in a few weeks... :) Someday I'll make it up to Seattle!

Tofu Hunter said...

Awesome! So glad you made it to Vegan Garden, I love that place!

Erin said...

That restaurant looks amazing! If I had an all vegan vietnamese restaurant near me I'd probably go every day.

Christina Whiskhands said...

One of the things my bf missed most when we first went vegetarian (now vegan) was pho. We make our own broth at home and fill it up with noodles and veg! It's really easy to veganize, I'm sure you can find a recipe online. Plus it's a great, cheap, winter-time filler, especially for a full house like yours!