Monday, September 01, 2014

VEGAN MOFO: A Month of Vegan Blogging and a Month of Gravy!

Once again, that time of year rolls around, accompanied by excitement, anxiousness, and maybe a bit of panic.
So soon? Am I ready? Is the rest of the world ready? The year went by so fast!
It's happening SO much sooner than expected.
Autumn? Back-To-School Shopping? Back-To-Work? Kids off to high-school? Kids off to college? My Birthday? Yearly Physical? Time for a haircut? Season 12 of The ELLEN Show? Vegan Mofo?
Yep. All of the above.
Most of these events are probably self-explanatory.

But in case you're wondering about that last one?
What the heck is "Vegan MoFo"?
Very simply, it's "Vegan Month of Food Blogging", a yearly event where a couple zillion vegan food bloggers from across the Internets, (like myself except way less lazy than I) commit to blogging a certain amount (some daily!!) for the month of September.

I'm one of those people! Though, with all that's going on in my life, I should be committed... not to the kitchen, but probably to the loony bin, for attempting this now! Anyway, come along for the ride!

^^^ Gravy. Duh.
Here's the deal.
For the month of September, I'm going (to attempt) to blog on a semi-regular basis, no promises as to how often.
It's been six months since I've blogged. You're lucky to be reading this at ALL! But here we go!

For those who have asked, or even if you don't care, I'm going to reprise a version of my theme - "Vegan Month Of Gravy" similar to previous years.
Yes, there may be a few repeats because some vegan-gravy-goodness is too good, or classic (or basic) to leave out. but there will be new recipes and ideas. Possibly recipes OTHER than gravy.

Um. Gravy? Maybe.
Keep in mind that Indians make curry gravy, Italians have their tomato ragu gravy and New Mexico's famous green chile sauce is also known as "green chile gravy", so you'll have lots to choose from. Stay tuned for awesome-sauce!

For abbreviated versions of the vegan-gravy-glory, you can also follow me on Instagram (tofumom) or Twitter (@Tofu_Mom) or Pinterest (tofumom). Cheers!


Hasta La Vegan said...

I LOVE GRAVY! So I'm totally in love with this theme. Wishing you all the best this month :D

Nicole said...

Love the theme, excited to see what you come up with!


MeShell said...

Holy crepe. I love gravy.

That sounds like such a delicious theme! Droolsville.

Panda With Cookie said...

Yes! Tofu mom is back! Gravy it up! said...

Yay! Excited to see you blogging again and very pleased you're doing a gravy mofo!

Michele Truty said...

Nothing like VeganMoFo to kick our butts back into regular blogging!

Good luck with your gravy adventures!

Susan said...

MOAR GRAVY! Can't wait. :)

Sal said...

hehe brilliant theme!

Anonymous said...

GREAT theme, I will be following your posts!!! :D

Jasmine Trinity said...

Great to see you back! Looking forward to seeing your gravy recipes too :o)

Sarah said...


Nice theme!