Sunday, July 01, 2012

Summertime Not-Blogging

Spring Veggie Salad,
baby green beans,
Sourdough Bread!
Bad Blogger taking a break.

Not a break from creating, cooking and eating, mind you. (Never from eating! HA!)

Just a break from actually making things that require (or deserve) a recipe - and then writing down said recipes.

Raw kale and beet salad
with pecans, cabbage, carrots
herbs and lemon
It's summer (barely) in the Pacific Northwest and the Farmer's Markets are in full swing. There are beautiful veggies - lettuces, kales and squashes everywhere.

Tofu and veggies in
a light Green Curry broth.
I'm off work for a few weeks (until Summer School starts), my kids are in and out, so I'm mostly cooking just for me - and indulging myself with the stuff of summer: salads, sandwiches, light soups and grilled veggies.
Grilled zucchini and
Walla Walla Sweets
with red-wine-infused
sea salt.

Oh. And, did I mention? Wasting inordinate amounts of time playing with ridiculously silly photo-editing gadgets that distort my pictures beyond all reasonableness.
Lettuces, tomatoes,
Vegenaise: that's all.
Enjoy your summer and the bounty of fresh veggies - I'll be back in a day or week or something....


dj said...

An affordable alternative to Veganai$e is Trader Joe's "Reduced Fat" (I think that's it). Check the mayo shelf. Vegan and under $3/jar.