Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Spicy, Pickled Raspberries

Pickled Raspberries!

I know, you're saying "WHAT???"

I said the same thing. OK, the original recipe called for strawberries, and I DO think that's a better option, because my berries basically fell apart into mush. But it was a fun and ever-so-tasty experiment.

The original recipe that caught my eye on Twitter, is here at the fabulous "Cook Local" blog: "Pickled, Spiced Strawberries and Scones".
I didn't make the scones.
And I didn't have strawberries, but DID have an overabundance of raspberries (I know, how is that possible!?!).
So, I didn't exactly follow the recipe, I'll tell you right up front! I'm not posting my own version though, I wasn't real precise with measurements and didn't take notes (unusual for me!!), so just check out their recipe for yourself, should you want to try it!!

And I apologize to the fine folk at "Cook Local" because one of my pet peeves is when someone takes one of my blog recipes, substitutes half the ingredients and then complains that the recipe didn't turn out right...Happily, this recipe DID turn out though, (apart from the berries not holding shape) even if I did make some substitutes...

First, obviously, I used raspberries. Then, I did not have the " jalapeño-infused-sugar" that this recipe calls for either, so I used more regular sugar and half a fresh habeñero pepper. I'm not sure how much more sugar, it was a rather inexact measure. And I hate cinnamon so I didn't use that either. And I only had two cups berries so I cut the recipe in half. And I ended up putting them all in one large jar. Because I didn't have small jars.

The end result? So fun!! Really pretty, and brilliant red, and very unique and sweet-spicy tasting. I put some on a salad with toasted pecans and chopped apple, beets and the baby greens my Mamma brought me last night. It made the salad a little juicy and dark red and messy and VERY un-photo-worthy, but SOOOOO good! You'll just have to trust me there.

I still have most of the jar left. I have no idea what I'll do with them, besides salads, but it'll be fun playing around.

Just thought I'd share my adventures!


Patricia said...

I'm so glad you tried the recipe AND modified it, even if it wasn't perfect! We have the same pet peeve as you, but really appreciate your apology, your humor, your post, and your link. I could definitely see how raspberries could fall apart, but now that I know they work from a flavor perspective, I'm curious to try blackberries. I think they might hold up a little better.

Viva experimentation!

-Patricia (Cook Local)

Michele said...

How creative of you :) have a great thursday!