Saturday, July 02, 2011

Fourth-of-July and stuff...

So what's everyone doing for the Fourth?
No parades or picnics planned here, because, unlike just about everyone I know, I stayed home for the weekend!

If you haven't heard already - we MOVED! (Thus, the lack of recent posts on my blog).
And with moving, (at least in my case) comes a great deal of panic-inducing chaos and disorganization: So, I desperately need this weekend to re-organize my life and my home!

No need to panic though, (ha! right!), because I still have my trusty computer and we've only moved a few miles across town, to a cute little place that was cheaper, smaller and easier (MUCH!!!) to maintain!!
It has a fabulous little kitchen, and I brought my patio pots (all 17 of them) and hanging flowers, and instantly the place feels SO much like home!

Supper tonight was one of our favorite "comfort foods" and everyone's favorite: Taco Ring (which I guess I've already posted somewhere back in the foggy past, so I'll spare you the details here, but seriously go check it out!).
(Ignore the Mike's Hard Lemonade bottle in the picture... we were celebrating America's Independence... or something...)

We had some beautiful Rainier cherries from the Farmer's Market, to go with.

Then we sat on the back porch, enjoyed the flowers, plants, and two-days-early fireworks - (and tried to ignore the many boxes left to unpack), and enjoyed supper from our new kitchen! Nice! I'll be back with more recipes soon!!


Lydia said...

Oh my! That taco ring looks SOOOO good!!

Jen said...

Taco, taco ring! I wanna make a taco ring! (sung to the tune of "Macho Man" by The Village People)