Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer BBQ With Friends

Went to some of our best friend's for a BBQ this hot, sunny, almost-summer evening...

Several of their family members are vegetarian, so we had wonderful meal and no one cared or commented on the "weird vegan food".

In fact, my baked beans AND macaroni salad were devoured right along with everything else.

My oldest "Sprout" enjoyed the large screen TV/computer and wireless keyboard.

She found she could even update her Facebook status with the keyboard UPSIDE DOWN!

Here's my DEE-LISH plate. The odd kahki-green thing is a quarter of an artichoke, pre-cooked and then charred a bit on the grill, SO yummy!!
The burger, which you can't see in the bun, was your basic Boca or Garden or something. Anything is awesome when grilled of course.

And I won't bore you with details about my standard picnic contribution, I've blogged both; the macaroni salad recipe's here and the baked beans are one of the few recipes I use from Veganomicon. (The recipe calls for canned beans tho, and I always make my own.)

My children feel the camera is a play-toy, so humor me and a few silly pictures...

If I'm looking tired by this point, it's only because we'd had a busy, productive day, never tired of my children's antics.................. of course!!


Matt said...

The weather had been getting nice, so we invited friends over for BBQ too. There was almost enough sun in the morning to make sun tea =). Luckilly, good food and good people trump Northwest weather.

Sal said...

ooh nice! i'm hoping for good weather for a barbie tomorrow!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Fun barbecue! It's always great when vegan food is just accepted as normal, regular food instead of a mildly horrifying oddity.

The time for barbecuing has definitely passed here, it is way too hot. Been in the 110s every day this week with 99% humidity. Oh miserable summer...

SweetKaroline said...

I totally love when you're surrounded by other vegans and you can feel normal and don't have to worry about the stupid jokes about your yummy food:)

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Sounds like a blast!