Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Birthday/Labor Day/Long Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend.
And Happy Birthday To Me!
.So this weekend, in honor of my Birthday, my bestest friend Froggy came all the way from from New Mexico to hang out in Seattle and visit me!

It's always fun to share a long weekend with friends, and we'd both been needing some vacation time.

We had fun. We always do. I can't believe we were so excited getting pictures of food and stores and things, we didn't get many "people" pictures at all!
Over the weekend, we explored and re-visited some of our favorite vegan destinations in Seattle, including the famous and heavenly all-vegan doughnuts at "Mighty-O" Doughnuts".

SO much to choose from... we picked up a box of minis for my daughter at school, and a mixed dozen of the larger ones for us to enjoy at home... chocolate coconut, apple-cinnamon with nuts, chocolate and nuts, glazed raspberry, ....oh man, I can't even remember what all. Aren't they lovely?

I promise you, we didn't eat the whole box by ourselves either!

Another day we had an incredible lunch (and WAY more than we could eat) at "Teapot Vegetarian House", this great little all-vegan restaurant on Capitol Hill.

After lunch, we wandered over to the little store "Sidecar" for some hard-to find vegan goodies...

Cool and funky place, Sidecar is. All vegan, and all money goes to Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Hey, shopping's even better when it's a good cause, right?!

While at Sidecar, I discovered these jars of peanut butter from Peanutbutter & Co. in New York. I'd read about the company before, and, of course, peanutbutter fiend that I am...drooled...

But I'm also cheap, and never want to pay shipping-and-handling fees and all that nonsense... but here they are.
Check it out! "Dark Chocolate Dreams" peanutbutter, and a spicy one "The Heat Is On".

YUM! My own personal B-Day gifts to myself. How fun!!

The next day we stopped by Marlene's Market and Deli for Blackened Tofu Sandwiches and vegan Nanaimo Bars, which are this insane (and usually VERY un-vegan) concoction of butter, peanutbutter cream, chocolate, rice krispies, nuts, and chocolate ganache. But these babies? All vegan.

(Have I said "vegan" enough in this post? Can you tell I'm a wee bit obsessed?)

OK, OK... long story short, we had SO much fun...

And I swear we did more than eat goodies and shop all weekend. Froggy fixed my computer for one, and got me a new CD/DVD-R (since the one in my laptop broke), how sweet is THAT?!?

We did a lot of relaxing, reading, drinking wine, watching TV, taking it easy (it was a HOLIDAY, after all, remember?)... and we actually cooked several memorable meals too.

I'll post pix and recipes of those another time.

Have a great week.


the pleasantly plump vegan said...

sounds like a great weekend.
happy b-day to you!

Jeena said...

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Anonymous said...

what a great birthday!

bazu said...

Happy Birthday! Those treats all look so awesome. And how cool of Froggy to come and visit you- I know how it feels being far from friends.

Kumudha said...

Happy Birthday!

Those doughnuts are a treat to my eyes!

Wonderful pictures.

Veggie said...

Happy Birthday!

"Dark Chocolate Dreams" peanutbutter, and a spicy one "The Heat Is On". Sounds incredible.

& Vegan Doughnuts too!! they look amazing.

I'm moving to Seattle!!

By the way, I am wondering how J Sprout is doing at her new school.
does she have some vegetarian options there?

Vegetation said...

Happy Birthday!!! I am drooling over all that wonderful food. I too am a Peanut Butter fiend, so very jealous of your wonderful shopping trip :)

As for those Nanaimo Bars, send me some right away please!!! They look amazing (not that I've ever tried a non vegan one).

Vegan_Noodle said...

Oh, those mighty Os looks mighty tasty!! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday weekend...you deserve it!!

LisaJean119 said...

I'd like that donut! looks great! Glad you had a fun time:)...