Thursday, February 01, 2007

Olivia's Incredibly Famous Breakfast Potatoes and 'Brats'.

So my 13-year-old "middle Sprout" considers herself quite the cook (OK, I admit, she's an awesome cook in her own right).

Tonight for supper she wanted to make her "famous" potatoes and decided they belonged in Mom's (my) food blog. Her potatoes ARE famous - or at least very-frequently-requested among friends and family. And believe me, they're NOT just for breakfast, though for some reason, that's what we've always called them.

Anyone spending the night at our place is usually treated to these babies the next morning. And what a treat they are. Perfectly seasoned, melt-in-your-mouth crispy-brown home-fried potatoes with chunks of vegan bratwurst-style "Bavarian sausage" and onion. Mmmm.

I've had so many people ask for the "secret" to the recipe, but as far as I can tell, there really isn't any great "secret", just a little time, patience and taste-testing... I think most of us just don't take the time to actually COOK real home-fried potatoes anymore, relying instead on those frozen, microwaved, flash-cooked, pressed-together atrocities that fast food places try to pass off as "potatoes". Blehh...

OK, I swear not everything we make around here is FRIED (there's the evil word yet again) though for some reason the last few posts have all mentioned the word. *sigh* What can I say? We go on jags. Doesn't everyone?
The "bratwurst" added to these are a newer vegan "sausage" product made by the Canadian company, Yves. They can be hard to find, but it happens to be the one brand my kids really like, so that's what we use here. Never gotten any complaints, even from those omnivores who've eaten (gobbled) these. Use whatever product you prefer, or skip them, though they do add a nice touch.

So... the potatoes. I paid attention this time (actually when my kids are in the kitchen, I always pay attention), took notes and pictures, and here ya go!!

Breakfast (or anytime!) Potatoes and Brats

6 Yukon Gold Potatoes, boiled until barely tender.
1 sweet onion (like a Maui or Walla Walla)
2 or 3
Yves vegan bratwurst (Bavarian sausage-style) links, "classic" flavor

coconut oil
Lawry's (or similar style) all-purpose seasoned salt
garlic and onion powder
black pepper

In my daughter's words, (she imagines herself the next Food Network star...) here's what you do:
"These work best in an electric skillet. I don't know why, just do them that way. That's the secret.
To start, melt a spoonful (about 1 Tbsp.) coconut oil in the electric skillet - only use coconut oil. Nothing else works right.

Then, since onions hurt your eyes, have your Mom cut the onion into smallish chunk-things. (Take off the peel of the onion first of course). Put the onion in the skillet. Turn the heat on low while you cut up the potatoes. The onions should barely be turning clear when you add the potatoes.

For the potatoes: While they're still warm from boiling, cut the potatoes into medium-large chunks. Like each potato is cut into about ten pieces or so. Put in the pan with the onions and turn heat up to med. high.

Cover pan and cook about 5 min (check a couple times until you get the hang of how hot your pan is...) until getting nicely crisp and med brown on the bottom. Turn in big "sections" don't break them up. (All the potatoes and onions will stick together but that's OK) Leave alone, covered for another 5 minutes or so until the next side browns.

While the potatoes brown, cut the sausage into thick slices.

Now stir and break the large "sections" of potatoes and onions apart and then 'smoosh' them all flat in the pan. Season to taste, a couple good shakes (a little more heavily than you might think you need) with Season salt, garlic and onion powders and black pepper. Gently stir seasonings in.
Put sausage pieces in the pan and stir in and 'smoosh' flat again. Brown the potatoes on one side again, and turn after a few minutes again. Do this a couple more times, stirring and breaking apart and gently 'smooshing' until potatoes are falling-apart with crusty brown pieces and the sausages are browned too..
Serve with lots of ketchup and Tabasco."


TC said...

Sounds wonderful! I have to pick up some of those veggie bratwursts so I can give this a try. I really like Yves products.

Dori said...

Great job Olivia the potatoes look scrumptious and definitely blog worthy. You can come to my ouse anytime and share your culinary delights. :)

Verdant said...

OMG! Real homefried potatoes are the BEST! I just got back from dinner, and looking at that photo has me hungry all over again!

The Veggie Cookster said...

This looks so good! I bet my meat-eating BF would love it too! ;-) Will have to give it a try soon! Thanks for posting!

bazu said...

Those potatos look so wonderful (I like potatoes in any shape or form!). I'm so impressed with your daughter- at her age, the only "cooking" I did was pasta with jarred sauce or "shake" style jell-o pudding...
I'll keep an eye out for those yves brats as well. I haven't found too many brands that pass my (omni) husband's taste test.

Harmonia said...

I haven't been able to find those Brats by me. Thanks for the pic...will look harder! Miss you in Veggin' Out!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I checked and they have these at my local grocery store. So, I will definitely be making these soon.