Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Sanity Saving Tips for Family Mealtime" (Maybe?)

(This is a re-post - Blogger ate my previous post, I don't know WHAT's going on there.)

Anyway - I'm famous.
Or, not really; But I just had my name (and a recipe from my blog) recently mentioned in a published magazine. A small one, but published, nonetheless. Yes. I know. Toot my own horn. Wooooo.

Here's the deal: The lovely Amy Hatch of Seattle's Child recently contacted me on Twitter (yes, you canfollow my randomness too, if you really need to) and asked if I'd do an interview for an article she was doing on "quick, easy and frugal family friendly meals".
I'm sure she said it much more eloquently. At any rate, I agreed.

You can read the subsequent article here: Sanity Saving Tips for Family Mealtime. It's pretty awesome and included similar interviews with several other Seattle-area blogger-Mom-types. Blogs I hadn't read before. And while mine was the only vegan blog, I was honored to be included, the others were awesome, much more professional than mine, and had some GREAT recipe ideas I'm definitely going to try out!! (OK, the "Peeps" bikini probably wouldn't be real easy to vegan-ize - and I'm not sure I want to try, heehee, but some of the actual food recipes, oh heck yes!)

(<<-- Random Chowder picture inserted here because it's a "soup" sorta day here in Seattle).
Anyway, the interview was basically myself, and the other lovely bloggers, talking about frugal, healthy, family-friendly meals (and me; why I'm vegan) - it was fun and painless and hopefully I convinced just a few people that YES!!!!!! you can eat a healthy vegan diet and do it quickly, easily and without breaking the bank!! Of course they may not have had room to include ALL my enthusiastic "Yay! Go Vegan!!" comments, but I'm still happy with the end result.

I really do try to make almost all my posts frugal, budget-and-family-friendly, but I've also done a few other "extreme budgeting" posts that might be helpful, if you're interested, here and here....

Happy Wednesday. I've been cooking up a storm, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

congrats! this is super awesome news. as aforementioned, you are such a role model for me. keep up the awesome work!

Janna Renee said...

oh boy, we can all use all the tips we can get! thanks!