Friday, November 12, 2010

Alton Brown on Gravy, Part Two

Good morning, Happy Friday-almost-the-weekend!!

Since several of you have asked, I'm posting the second half of Alton Brown's witty, wacky, geeky but VERY scientific and accurate episode about all things GRAVY!

If you didn't Google this yourself and watch it after seeing the first half here last week, then here you go.

Watch, IGNORE the meaty parts, think "margarine" when he says "butter" (we're all mature enough to do that in an intelligent manner aren't we?) and learn some GREAT tips about how to make the BEST gravy!!

He really has some great tips, and explains what a "roux' is and about the difference between flour-based, and cornstarch-based gravies FAR better than I could. (Some of you have asked if I make gravies with cornstarch, and I do, sometimes; but listen to his little spiel. Interesting.)


Jen said...

tofumom, you are just awesome! i know i haven't commented in a while, but i do visit regularly. love, love, love the gravy!