Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Kitchen One Year Ago...

In all my food-y blogging, I don't think I mentioned that we did a little remodeling here this past year...

First and most significant, we gutted our tiny, crowded-but-useless one-car garage, and turned it into a bedroom, a pantry, AND a galley-style laundry area.

<--- This is the garage after we'd cleaned MOST of the "stuff" out... what a MESS!!

And since we were doing that, I decided my kitchen would get a much needed little face-lift too.

YAY! ... yes - I realized it was just one YEAR ago that we started on our adventure.

It's embarrassing, we had years and lifetimes of accumulated junk (and actually some important stuff) stored in the garage and kitchen cabinets... and all of it got moved/dumped in our tiny family room while the remodel took place.

(Yeah, pretty much the whole house it tiny).

We got pretty adept and winding through trails between the boxes, but what a mess THAT was over the Holidays!

I'll post pictures of the bedroom-laundry-pantry remodel process at another time (they're on my daughter's computer) but I wanted to share a couple of the kitchen here.

As far as the kitchen goes though - "before" pictures don't really show it, but the counter top in the kitchen was vintage 1974 faded gold poop color... and in BAD shape, cracked, burned, split, even sagging in one spot...

^^ "before" kitchen, complete with cat-in-the-sink, hee-hee!

So we ripped out all the old counter-top and repaired areas and replaced it with a textured grey, rust and green faux stone Formica that is just BEAUTIFUL!

Fortunately (for my pocket-book) it wasn't an all-out remodel, and we only went without the kitchen for a couple days, though the garage/bedroom did take over two months. Ugh.

Finally, here's a couple shots of our kitchen today, a year later.

I'm still not sure what posessed us to undertake this task right before - and during - the Holidays.

It was worth it though, and looking back after a year, hardly seems like any time at all.

Maybe not a huge transformation, but the updated counter-top was a simple, inexpensive change and refreshing for us regardless.


Ashasarala said...

The changes look great.

I would love to remodel my place, but money never grows on trees!

I got a lot of junk, though. I could at least get off my butt and clean it out.

Veg-a-Nut said...

oh, how I would love to have a beautiful kitchen like yours. I love it. Our counter tops are frightning as well, but we rent so that is too much cashola to put into a house that is not ours. Your remodel looks great!

VeggieGirl said...

wowowow!!! your new kitchen looks fabulous!! we too underwent a lot of remodeling in our kitchen and such, so I know how all that goes, haha. hope you continue to enjoy it!!

Veggie Cookster said...

Looks GREAT! And your kitchen floor looks like mine! :)

Tracy said...

Hey, that looks amazing! The soup too.....:0)
Actually, I'm going to have to look for these chiles to make that soup. I'm not sure we have them here in NS, nut it's worth a look-see.