Monday, November 12, 2007

My Blog is broken - Ack!

This is not a food post.

I don't know how to fix my blog!

I changed the template, because my sidebar was messed up. I thought that might help. But it didn't do any good.

Scroll down and you'll see some of the pictures are cut in half.
And everythings all "crowded"...

Obviously Blogger has no technical support, so... any ideas how to fix that?

Any Blogger experts out there?


bazu said...

Hey! I'm sorry for your Blogger troubles, and that they're no help. (I know that only too well... I have a whole category called "blogger sucks" on my blog!!)
I'm viewing your blog on Firefox and on a Mac, and I see your sidebar to the side, but the background is all that brown pattern... I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions as to what might have happened! Last year, my sidebar moved to the bottom of the blog a few times when one of my links was too long... this tended to be a problem mainly on Explorer. Good luck!

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Thanks! Well, I tried a few other things, and now have my side bar back (as you'll note I updated the blog post to reflect that) but now my pictures are cut in half.

Yeah, it's just in IE that it's messed up. I hadn't thought to check in firefox.

I'll try a couple more things...


rani said...

hi i like your salad! maybe you already have, but lkertyou could try going to Templates - under that you can change Fonts & Colors or Pick New Template, which should reset everything to the new color scheme. hope that helps

reiskeks said...

Dear Tofu Mom,

the pictures are not really cut, this is just a formating problem (that Blogger really could fix), the new side bar is smaller than the old one, and the old images did not get resized (this is a so called "bug" in Blogger). If you upload the pictures again from your computer, they will be resized automatically.

If you do not have them anymore, they are still online, here:

The beautiful Sprouts,

The Vegan Food Pyramid.

Do not add the photos from online pages directly, even Blogger does not resize its own images automatically if they do not come directly as upload from your computer...

Changing a whole template is not as smooth as Blogger tells, some basic HTML knowledge is required... So it is not your fault if there were difficulties :)

Maybe I should start a "How To" page in future, even if I am not a real pro, just one "to be", but there are still too many of such bugs online... Sorry that I could not help you faster, I am at home with fever and partially forced to take a break from all blogging...

reiskeks said...

I made a quick sample blog for you, to show how the template should work:

Did you change the colors of your template too (maybe not now, but in your previous template)? Blogger saves all your changes, but does not care if they will work also with the new template...

If you want the original template without the colors from the previous template (you can add colors later again), here is the way:

1. Open the "Dashboard" of Blogger.

2. Click "Layout" for your Blog.

3. Click "Edit HTML".

4. Click the Link bottom left "Widget Template back to Standard" (this is not the exact text you will see, my Blogger is so "helpful" and refuses to show me English descriptions, because my computer is not localized in England or US *arrgh*).
There are 3 links, it is the link on top left of the 3 links-list, without the small dot in front of it.
The link nr.2 (with a small dot in front of it) in the list would let your blog go back to the "classical template", which kills all multimedia widgets :-(, the link nr.3 (with a small dot in front of it) in the list is not harming your blog, just showing you some code (useful for programmers).

5. Click on "OK" in the following opening window (Blogger "warns" you, that changes will get lost, but only changes in the bare HTML code get lost, not your photos, not your links, not the posts, not their place or size - as they are not saved inside the code, but on a hard disk of Blogger somewhere else, and added dynamically, this is the so called XML).

You will get a pure, fresh and all new blog template, like in my sample blog :)

So far I got your blog in the RSS reader, so I can read all your posts anyway... I hope that your blog is back to normal soon :)

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Thanks reiskeks for your detailed help.

I don't think the sidebar was the original problem because the whole sidebar originally "went to the bottom" of my page after a post I made about a week ago. (The one about tamales...)

But I deleted the photos from the sidebar and now I can't get them back. I go to "add page element" and the option for "load photo from your computer" is a slider bar that won't slide... I have no place/way to add photos back into the sidebar, which sorta bums me out now...

I tried the whole blog in another format however and the sidebar "goes to the bottom" of the page again so I came back to this one. This is the only template where it stays to the side... (and it's not a template I'm crazy about...)

Other people say they can see the whole sidebar and it shows up normally on their screens - I use IE... maybe it's displaying differently in FF or whatever...

Anyway, thanks for your help, but I don't think it's specifically addressing the problem?

reiskeks said...

Dear Tofu Mom,

obviously there were (not original Blogger) changes inside of your template before you switched to the new template.

This is NOT an IE/Firefox problem!

There are changes inside of your template which were not made by Blogger, therefore I suggested the switch to a fresh template, to bring the blog back to normal, and add the changes (like different colors of photo borders, or other fonts for parts of the page) again after the posts are saved.

In the test page that I mentioned above the photos of your daughters and the vegan pyramid are well visible and fit into the sidebar.

If you have problems accessing the basic functions of Blogger, like the photo upload, so I would suggest that your computer has caught a virus, which is the most common reason for problems with Windows and IE.

If you have this possibility, please try to access Blogger from another computer (preferably belonging to somebody not exchanging data with you very often, a library computer e.g. would be perfect), to see if the problems remain.

Do you know anybody who could help you in this case? A virus may make you computer completely useless, you may lose all your files.

Please take care, disconnect the computer completely from the internet if necessary (to stop any communication with the virus author). You need to save all your important files on a CD or DVD or an external hard disk drive!

This does not sound very good, and I cannot really help you in such a case from so far away, you need somebody who lives where you are.

This is absolutely not your fault. Things like that happen very very often to users of Windows/IE, that is the major reason why so many people switch to Firefox or even to Mac or Linux.

textual bulldog said...

wow, it sounds like you're getting some expert help from reiskeks! i wouldn't know what to suggest besides choosing a new template or resetting your color scheme. i'm viewing your blog on mozilla (a firefox browser for macs) and can't read the majority of your blog because it's showing up as blue text on the brown background. links are showing up as brown which means that you can't see them unless you scroll over them with your cursor. anyway, i don't know if that was all stuff you already knew, but good luck fixing your blog!

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

TB - thanks... Oh wow! I didn't know that it displayed so oddly in mozilla. I shuold check it from work, that's what we use there...

As for the virus suggestions, I run two very good anti-virus programs and run scans nightly - neither of them have detected a thing.

I have viewed my blog from several other computers and it appears that way on all of them, so far... though others in the Blogger Help Forum have said they are viewing it fine...

Discussion on the Blogger Help forums seems to suggest this is an ongoing problem and randomly happens. I HAVE followed every suggestion given so far and nothing has helped. I don't know if I'll have to move to a new blog or just be happy with this...

Thanks though.

reiskeks said...

I suggested that your problems to edit your page were the result of a virus, I am 100% sure that your page looks the same on other computers, I tested it myself (there are rendering tools to test a page in different browsers or simulating different operating systems, like Windows, Mac and Linux).

Here is so far how your page looks like in most browsers and on most operating systems: Screenshot of your blog's main page.

A virus scanner is just a small help to fight the most common viruses. Additionally, 2 usual virus scanners at the same time are absolutely not recommended by any serious company (like F-Secure, Kaspersky and similar), because 2 virus scanners will detect each other (if they are good) and try to remove the meant "attack".

If you have no firewall, so your system is already infected, according to professional statistics it takes between 3 Minutes up to maximum 2 hours for a Windows system without firewall to be infected.

The only good firewalls for Windows that I can recommend so far are F-Secure, Kaspersky and Pandasoft Trueprevent (no one of them is available for free). Any other firewall is just keeping some advertisers from scanning your computer, but nothing more.

I just tried to help you. I did not want to "show off" or to force you into any direction. This is the most usual everyday stuff that I have to learn in my school. If you ask for help in your blog, which is read by hundreds of people, it may happen that somebody offers you that help.

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

reiskeks; Why the hostile tone? I followed your directions, what more would you like? The page DOES look different on other computers and with different browsers, so I don't know what to tell you there. There is no need to be condescending however. I know enough figure SOME of this out and I think I have tried all your suggestions. I do not run my computer without a firewall or two antivirus programs simultaneously though I see no need to defend my choices. I asked for help and I have not turned down any ideas, I appreciate them, it's just that when some of them haven't worked, I've moved on to other possibilities.