Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vegan Month Of Blogging: "VeganMoFo 2013" Is Upon Us!!

Hello! I'm back!
Well, I'm SORT-of back.
My poor little computer has taken an extended sick-leave and may, or may not, return in time for me to participate in September's Month Of Vegan Blogging (otherwise fondly known as Vegan MoFo 2013 - Google it, you'll see I'm not making this up!).

Yes, we are currently a household without a computer, and it is a sad state of affairs for my blogging self AND my 13-year-old "Dr. Who" addicted child...
Whether I have a computer or not, I am determined to participate in this event however.
That may mean blogging on my iPhone (which sounds time-consuming and tedious but seems to work) or using the computers at the Public Library... which sounds complicated and a bit... public for my preferences, or miraculously getting my computer repaired, replaced or reincarnated. We'll see. Stay tuned.

My theme this year is a bit different and far more introspective than I usually get on my blog, so again, we'll see how THAT goes as well.
No "Month of Gravy" or "Month of Tofu" (though rest assured there WILL be some of that, I can't help myself).
No. I've decided, since my birthday falls at the first of September, and since it's a REALLY BIG birthday......

I'm going to blog a bit about:
 "This Is What 50 Looks Like"
(Yes, THAT big birthday).

I chose this theme for several reasons:
First, I'm not approaching this milestone with much (or any) anxiety or trepidation at all. Everyone ELSE seems to think I should be though... Sure, I have grey hair and arthritis and occasional aches in places I wish I didn't. On the other hand, I still have a grade-school age child at home, can sing along with 'One Direction' and have all my own teeth.

Is 50 the new 30, as I've heard? Or is it the dreaded "middle ages"?
I'm not sure, I haven't actually TURNED 50 yet.
But I DO know.....
50 looks like this (and I am pointing to myself).
Fifty is simply what you are, and what you make of it.
Sure, 50 can be exhausted and worn out (so can 30).
50 can be old (so can 30).
But…how do I see 50?
50 is alive!
50 is vibrant.
50 is healthy.
50 is content.
50 is confident.
50 is experienced.
Ultimately, 50 is just a number.
Life isn't going to change suddenly, next week when I blow out birthday candles.

Second, I don't know very many 50-year-old vegans. (I said vegans...not... anyway...).
I'm sure they're out there, but not many are making their presence known on social media, so I don't have much to compare MY experience with. Though the lovely ladies I DO know, (I won't name names!) who have gracefully reached this same milestone? You are my idols!!

Third, while this "getting old" stuff may seem irrelevant to most of you - (since 98% of the vegans I know are probably young enough to be my children), you WILL hit this milestone someday too, and it'll be nice to have some anecdotes and a bit of perspective from another vegan. I'm comfortable in my own skin. I'm happy with me. And hopefully I can share some insights about that.

And finally, my blog needs a bit of a new identity. I'm no longer making toddler-approved, family size recipes. I'm no longer packing kid-friendly, panda-bear-shaped lunches. Peanut-butter and bananas no longer hold a treasured spot in my kitchen. I'm not worried about which diaper-wipes are vegan-friendly. And I'm no longer frantically trying to feed four of us a healthy meal in between soccer practice and ballet.

But where should I go from here?
Thirty days of September and this Vegan MoFo stuff gives me a lot of days; Days to not only celebrate ME and this second half of my life - but to explore, step out of my comfort zone, try new things AND revisit old favorites.
Food, recipes, vegan products, restaurant reviews, cookbooks... A little bit of everything!!
Come along for the ride, I have NO idea what'll happen!!

Oh. And since this is a vegan FOOD blog after all, here's a picture of some FABULOUS vegan cheesecake my best friend and I split LAST year on my birthday.

See you September first!!


Anonymous said...

I am fifty - last December !!! I love my vegan diet ! Hooray to your quiche. I eat it every second day ! Helped me lose over 100 pounds !! Love Tofu Mom !!!!!!

Renée B. said...

Hey Marti! I turned 50 this May and it wasn't scary at all!! I'm going vegan on my blog for MoFo too, so yay for both of us!! I'm looking forward to reading more of you!!

Vegyogini said...

I LOVE your perception of 50! I'm very excited to see how you honor yourself and your birthday month with VeganMoFo this year. Happy early birthday!

Cadry's Kitchen said...

Happy early birthday! What a great theme idea! I think that with every milestone age there's a realization that it's not what it's portrayed to be. I look at myself in the mirror and think, "Well, I'm still me."

jacqui said...

I decided to give up meat at 49 1/2. Turning 50 means I was finally middle-aged (shooting for 100!). I was also proud to have survived the 70's (good times). I don't worry what people think, have lots of energy (most days) & still feel 35. I recently turned 53. Life is what you make of it, & mine is good. People say I look like I'm in my early to mid 40's, not 53. I just say this is what 53 looks like for me. Happy early birthday! I can't wait for your posts.

Susan G said...

I am fifty and (almost) vegan. I also have three girls. Love your blog!

Susan G said...

I am fifty and (almost) vegan. I also have three girls. Love your blog!