Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vegan Cuts Snack Subscription Box. Wooohoo!

For the past few months, I've had vegan friends and blog readers (yes, I have a couple!) ask me my opinion on the latest vegan trend - subscription boxes. (VegNews just did a great article on the concept of subscription boxes, if you're just catching up with this idea... like I was.)
I admit this one sort-of flew under the radar for me, I'm not a "snack-foods" person at all, and I don't buy many pre-packaged, convenience foods; drinks, bars, chips - even vegan ones made from wholesome, nutritious ingredients just aren't (usually) my thing. Annnd, I live way out in the sticks, hours from Whole Foods, Trader Joes or any store that might carry specifically vegan items...

However, trying to maintain the image of a hip blogger who actually keeps up with trends, I didn't admit not knowing anything about these services! People kept mentioning "VeganCuts", so that's who I decided to check out. And the fine folks there were happy to set me up with a VeganCuts subscription box. So easy (You can order them too!!) So excited!
They'll send you a box each month, filled with 7 - 10 vegan items, some "snack-like" and some not (one month their box included a package of Teese vegan Cheese, MORE than a snack size!)

Well, happy-happy-joy-joy, my box arrived yesterday!! Just in time for me to take some of the lovely snackly items on my road trip to Portland (YES! I'm going to VidaVeganCon; The lifechanging Vegan Blogger's Conference of the GODS, I swear - did I mention that? SO EXCITED about that too, but more on the Con later...).

Anyway, so the VeganCuts box arrived and I immediately opened it; WOW! it was like a vegan snackers Christmas present, seriously!! Full size packages of things, not just one-bite nibbles (I'm all about full size ANYTHING!)

My box included:

The cool thing about the box (one of the cool things) is that I can order my favorites - bigger versions of most items right at VeganCuts. And for a discount!

So, my youngest sprout, my friend Shaun and I tried most of these items over the drive to Portland. My daughter reported the apple chips, the popcorn and the wasabi chickpeas were her favorites - high praise from a child who spends her money on Flaming Hot Cheetos!
I thought the chickpeas had a bit too much wasabi, but I've tried their other flavors in the past and know for a fact they are ABSOLUTELY delicious!
I was a little hesitant about the Vigilant Eats cereal, as I don't like those "instant oatmeal" things at ALL, but this was COMPLETELY different, packed with goji berries and very hearty and tasty -  and you had the option of adding cold water if you wanted a "raw" cereal (which I did not). Definitely a filling full breakfast item, NOT a "snack"!
I also loved the popcorn, the apple chips, the cookies and the "savory nutrition bar" (though it was still a bit on the sweet side).
Shaun loved the "graw" bar and the chocolate mint bar and said he'd actually look for them to add to his lunches, both had walnuts so I didn't try them, but I trust his enthusiastic gobbling them as fair assessment.
OK. So, we haven't tried the Crystal Deodorant, or the Teeccino yet, but stay tuned, I'm sure they'll get a mention in a few days!!

Overall? I thought the snackbox subscription idea was well worth it, was interesting, had a great variety for almost everyone (all vegan, most was gluten-free, two items had tree nuts) and best of all, was SO MUCH FUN! Like Christmas! My 13-year-old LOVED the idea too!
I seriously think everyone ought to try it, but ESPECIALLY if you LOVE vegan snacks, if you haven't had much exposure to the MANY, MANY new vegan items hitting store shelves, OR, like me, you live out in the sticks and just don't get to see products like this very often! Run to the VeganCuts site and check them out! Seriously! (And if you do, tell them Tofu Mom sent you - please!)

We're in Portland now, ready to jump head-first into alllll the fabulousness that is VidaVeganCon. Stay tuned for a post about THAT soon.


Amey said...

I totally love the VeganCuts SnackBox sooo much! I'm also not a huge snacker (and I don't have any kiddos to help me!), but I love having a chance to try out new products and taste things I probably wouldn't get for myself. And I agree about that superfood oatmeal - it is SO good!