Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vegan Bloomin' Onion-Garlic-Cheese Bread

So I haven't been blogging so much lately.
"What? All three of you noticed? (*blushes*) Aww, gee..."
And why no blogging, you ask?
Blame it on mid-winter doldrums, lack of anything unique or original.
Blame it on laziness or being overly busy with LIFE...
But mainly I've simply been in a rut.
The same recipes over and over.
Things that are already on my blog.
You can only post repeats so many times before people start to notice. ("Oh, you noticed that too?" *blush*).

However, things changed this week when my oldest 'Sprout' came home from college on Spring Break - and she came armed with quite a collection of recipes she wanted to whip up with friends.
Sprout and friends took over my kitchen one evening to mix, stir, chop, melt, pour, bake... Everything they made was delicious, but this recipe in particular, was a HUGE, HUGE hit.
We're having it again tonight.
And adding it to our once-in-a-while-snacky-type-Saturday-night-supper menu rotation. And drooling as it bakes.

On the Interwebs, it's called "Blooming Onion Bread" or "Onion Cheese Bread" and, trust me, you need to make it NOW!!!

No, this is NOT a "Tofu Mom" original. And it's not (quite) a Tofu Sprout original. But pretty close!
You can find many different (non-vegan) versions on the Internet. Probably with better pictures and instructions.
Yes, it's tasty and vegan and onion-garlick-y and cheezy.
Yes, my daughter DID modify the recipe considerably.
Enough modification that I think it's OK to post her version of the recipe here:


1 unsliced, long, fat sourdough loaf, about 2 lbs
1 package Daiya, Italian style vegan cheese
1/2 cup (or a little less) vegan margarine, melted
1/2 cup finely sliced green onion 4 (or more) cloves garlic, pressed

1 - 2 cups of your favorite marinara sauce (for dipping)
 Using a good, sharp, serrated bread knife, cut the bread lengthwise into 1-inch strips without cutting through to the bottom.
Next, cut the bread widthwise into 1-inch strips, again without cutting through the bottom. (These second cuts are a bit tricky - they don't have to be perfect, no one cares!)
Push vegan cheese down into the slits. You should have enough cheese to have some in each of the slices - you may not need it all.
Place the loaf on large aluminum foil sheet on top of a baking sheet.
Mix the margarine, onions, and pressed garlic. Pour this mixture evenly over bread.
 Seal the bread in the foil and bake at 350°F for 15 minutes or until you check it and see the Daiya melting.
 Unwrap and bake another 15 minutes until it's a melty, slightly browning, bubbly mess.

Cool a bit so you can handle it.
To serve, pull apart chunks, bits, nibbles, half the loaf; whatever size pieces you like, and dip in your favorite marinara. SO SO YUMMMMMY!!! .


Kale Crusaders said...

Yay, Tofu Mom! This recipes looks like so much fun. A perfect party food!

Anonymous said...

Yay, you’re back. I saw this on another blog and immediately bookmarked it. I so need to try this with some caramelized onions.

jacqui said...

This sounds great! Glad to see you posting. I plan to try this& the chicken & dumplings, too.

blessedmama said...

I'll confess, I'm a lurker on your blog. So, those three people that you think are reading are probably in a much higher number. I had to chuckle when you mentioned how you've been cooking the same recipes over and over. Well, isn't that what we do to a degree? Make our family's favorites? Who would want to have a delicious meal, never to see it again. I think you have a great blog, full of good home goodness. And, we'll be here between your respites. :-)

sallyomally said...

Had this for dinner. Whoa baby this is ridiculous! I embarrassed to say how much we ate.