Saturday, November 10, 2007


*I had to delete and re-post this blog due to some Blogger issues, so if you're thinking you've read this somewhere before, well, you have...

So, anyway. This weekend we made tamales.

And ate tamales.

Now as you may know, tamales are a fair bit of work.

We made these Pineapple Tamales (from my New Mexico trip last year, the link includes lengthy instructions, not to fear, they're not that difficult, really) and also we made some basic ones filled with vegetarian burger and red chile sauce (VERY loosely following - and veganizing - a recipe we found on the web.) There are tons of great "how-to" tamale sites if you do a "Google" search, most have great pictures and step-by-step instructions, we just sub coconut oil for the lard - works perfectly!!

Honestly though, since my whole family LOVES tamales (rare event that everyone likes the same thing) I actually make these fairly often.

Once you get the get the assembly process down smoothly, it isn't as much work as it seems.

But this time I got the wise idea to enlist the help of my kids.

Hmmmm... Definitely was an adventure and they learned a lot about how much work goes into some of the foods they love.

Whether it was any quicker or easier for me... I don't know.

I had planned to save some of the tamales for dinner later this week but the tamale-inhaling creatures that inhabit my house had other plans and finished them off in record time.

Why am I not surprised.

Oh well, at least I got a few pictures. Pffffft. No big deal. We'll make more after Thanksgiving. .. Which is good, I guess tamales are traditionally a Christmas thing in many homes anyway.

And speaking of lard {shudder} which we leave OUT of our vegan tamales, I'll leave you with this last picture...