Friday, April 20, 2007

Home again, Home Again... Part 2

Look who's back from their trip to Ecuador! Finally I can sleep at night - I have my Sprout Family back together!

Yes, indeed. My traveling Middle Sprout returned from her journey to the jungle - with bug bites, dirty laundry, souvenirs, pictures and stories to rival her sister's!

She helped her Grandpa (and others in the group) set up a Medical Clinic for a small village outside of Quito.

I'm so proud, and so thrilled for her; the adventures, the wonderful opportunities, the learning experiences and most of all the memories... but (selfishly, I admit) I'm just so glad she's back home. Very cool!


Anonymous said...

im so hapy for you! very nice photos, your daughter is very cute.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Glad that your little sprout is home safe and sound with wonderful stories to share.

bazu said...

Yay, everyone's back together! I know you must be so happy.
And the food in the last couple of posts looks so good- and I'm loving the kitty in a bowl (with a spoon!) photo!