Monday, March 12, 2007

Off to Ecuador...

Allow me a few moments of "Mommy Funk" while I miss my oldest "J" Sprout.

It just wasn't the same tonight; making supper for three of us instead of four.
Not having to help with homework.
Not having to move the ever-present pair of Converse tennies off my couch before I went to bed.
Not having to fight for the TV remote or bathroom space or hope for hot water in the morning... ...
J Sprout is off to the jungles of Ecuador for two weeks with friends, classmates and teachers for a school project. They'll be building classrooms for a small school that needs expansion, as well as doing some sightseeing and "educational" type things.
J's been on two similar trips and is an old hand at all this international travel, time zones, different cultures, languages and such, but I still have to worry 'cause I'm a MOM! That's what we do.

Yes, I reassure myself, she's with plenty of intelligent, experienced, trustworthy adults whom I know well and have the utmost confidence in, but still I have to fret and fuss for a day or two.

And (what was I thinking!?!) her younger sister leaves with her grandparents on a similar trip in three weeks!

Of course it's the experience of a lifetime - I'm thrilled for the adventures they'll have, I'm flattered they were chosen to go, I'm impressed with the hard work and fund-raising they did, I'm proud as anything of the services they're providing and the hard work they'll be contributing... but yeah... I'll keep biting my nails 'till they're back safe under my roof again too!

Eating (vegan) Ice Cream helps.
(Actual ice cream, actual spoon...)

So yeah.
Keep us in your thoughts, prayers or whatever it is you do.

I'm sure I'll post pictures when both my lil' travelers return!


heebnvegan said...

Thanks for your comments on heebnvegan! :-)

Melody said...

Wow! That is a trip of a lifetime.. and at such a young age..

As a mom of a teen, I totally understand how you must feel... I would be going out of my mind! I'd probably need sleeping pills! (well, I probably need them anyway since I have bad insomnia)

She will come back so much richer.. with such an amazing perspective on life.

Twisted Cinderella said...

what a wonderful experience for your sprout! I can totally understand your worry. Worry is what us mommy's do.

Candi said...

What great opportunities you are helping your girls find! You are a great mom. I can just imagine how hard it is for them to be so far away from you. **hug** They will be back with amazing stories. I am so impressed with the work you've described they are involved with!! Wow! You must be so proud.

We'll be thinking of you and of your girls and know they will have a safe return. In the meanwhile, I may eat some soy ice cream too in your honour!! ;)

Anonymous said...

what a great travel your daughter is getting, i think i will too be eating lots of ice cream if my baby go to a travel like that!