Monday, March 05, 2007

Mashed Sweet 'Taters

More produce from the winter farmer's market: ---> --->

I had several of these beautiful "Southern Ruby" sweet potatoes from a local farm that specializes in wonderful heirloom vegetables.
They really look pretty orange to me, OK, maybe slightly 'redder' than other sweet potatoes. (And what is UP with my pictures on Blogger lately? Either they post weird, don't post at all, or are blurry! ACK!)

At any rate - I needed to use the potatoes up, and wasn't feeling in the least bit creative, so I simply boiled them, slipped the skins off and mashed them with a little maple syrup, Earth Balance and vegetable broth.

Served 'em with a H-U-G-E green salad and that's pretty much all.
Sooooo yummy.

In case you needed convincing that these things are good for you - from the Texas Sweet Potato Growers website:

"As a main dish or prepared as a dessert, the sweet potato is a nutritious and economical food. One baked sweet potato (3 1/2 ounce serving) provides over 8,800 IU of vitamin A or about twice the recommended daily allowance, yet it
contains only 141 calories making it valuable for the weight watcher. This nutritious vegetable provides 42 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C, 16 percent of the RDA for calcium, 10 percent of the RDA for
iron, and 8 percent of the RDA for thiamine for healthy adults. It is low in sodium and is a good source of fiber and other important vitamins and minerals.
A complex carbohydrate food source, it provides beta carotene which may be a factor in reducing the risk of certain cancers.
For the most food value, choose sweet potatoes of a deep orange color.


Harmonia said...

Hi! My blog service broke and hasn't been fixed so I will now be located here:

Hope to see you soon!

Melody said...

I wish we had a winter farmer's market! I love your blog.. I loved learning more about you in your 13 things..

scottishvegan said...

I think the sweet potatoes are a gorgeous colour! That sounds like my kind of meal...yum!

bazu said...

Don't you just hate blogger sometimes? My pet peeve is how they offer absolutely 0 support. zilch. nada.

Your potatoes look beautiful, though! I love discovering heirloom fruits and vegetables.

Dori said...

I love sweet potatoes. One of my favorite ways with them is fries. I have never mashed them, but have baked them and served black bean soup on top of them (like a chili topped baked potato). I am going to try the thai coleslaw today, it looks so pretty! I have sesame crackers that look like twigs I am going to top it with before eating, I think that will compliment it well. I heard your frustration about thinking twice about your definition of girlfriend, I am a high school teacher and must be careful about descriptions also - frustration.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I love mashed sweet potatoes!

Jackie said...

I love my sweet potatoes and we have also started getting the orange colored ones so I must try them.

Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

Thanks for the new link, Harmonia!
Melody; our winter market is wonderful - not a huge amount of variety but really yummy stuff!
Bazu, yes, Blogger drives me insane, yet I still enjoy it most days and keep coming back... aggghhh...
Dori, how was the salad? The sesame crackers sound like a perfect topping. I sometimes add sesame seeds, (though my kids really don't like 'em).

Thanks for the comments everyone!!

Anonymous said...

looks good!

Anne said...

Sometimes the less you do, the better! Those are some beeeeautiful spuds! I'd love a market here that has heirloom veggies-wow, you're truly luvky there.