Saturday, April 04, 2009

Return to Santa Fe

If you've read even two posts in my blog, you'll know how I love the warm and sunny Southwest and all my friends there. What better choice for my Spring Break, than a return trip to Santa Fe?

Since I've already written more than anyone needs to read, you can go HERE or HERE or HERE if you need to catch up on my previous adventures.

Last year we discovered, completely by accident, one of Santa Fe's best-kept vegan secrets.

The charming and wonderful Casa del Toro Bed-n-Breakfast. We enjoyed our stay so much, I've been planning a return trip ever since. And, let me interject right now, every one of you should seriously consider them if you're ever in Santa Fe.
I sound like a vacation brochure, but seriously, their prices are better than any hotel OR motel, AND they are RIGHT on the Plaza, in the heart of everything.
OK, but my real reason for loving Casa Del Toro?

My friend Mariela Rodriguez is the amazing chef, and creator of the luscious, tasty ALL VEGAN breakfasts we enjoyed while there.

For example: Monday's deliciousness (Excuse the poor photos, I was HUNGRY!):

New Mexican PiƱon coffee with Silk creamer, homemade coconutty granola with rice milk, tofu scramble with fresh veggies (kale! mushrooms! tomatoes! onions!), spicy mexican chocolate mini-muffins, Soyrizo stuffed mushroom and chipotle hash browns.

Yes, a vegan breakfast buffet quietly hiding out in downtown Santa Fe! Who knew!! (I know, I raved about that last year too).

However, it goes way beyond the food. .

We chanced to meet Mariela at breakfast last year and found her to be charming and the food incredible. During the year we kept in touch, shared recipes, discovered mutual interests and became friends through the magic of the Inter-webs!! .

It's been interesting to watch as Mariela expanded her talents and opened "Vegan Santa Fe" a Vegan and Raw food cafe there at Casa Del Toro. I'm so excited for her!

Several other friends from Albuquerque were lucky enough to go back and visit throughout the winter, but obviously Washington's a little far away for that, so I got left out of the fun! .

But the first of April found me back at Casa del Toro to drool over those amazing breakfasts, relax in the comfortable beds, sightsee and shop in Santa Fe and watch Mariela create magic in her tiny kitchen. Besides breakfast, Mariela's expanded her talents and opened "Vegan Santa Fe" a Raw and Vegan cafe . .

To make YOU drool too, here's another delightful breakfast: Southwest Polenta with scrambled tofu, homemade salsa with New Mexico green chiles, more of the amazing granola (with more soymilk than I intended), coffee, OJ, and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE.

For breakfast. SO yummy!!
More adventures in Santa Fe later, stay tuned...


Kari Sullivan said...

Santa Fe seems much more vegan friendly and tastier than when I visited about ten years ago. You're making me want to go back! Great pics :-)

aTxVegn said...

Boy, I'll bet you jumped out of bed every morning as soon as breakfast was ready! Can't wait to hear more.

Sarah said...

I miss living in Santa Fe, the whole atmosphere was great! I only wish I was vegan when I lived there. For that, I had never known it was so veg-friendly!

Vegetation said...

Mmmm amazing food!

Tofu Hunter said...

Wow, looks excellent. I love SW style cooking and it does surprisingly lend itself well to vegetarians/vegans! Thanks for the post, makes me want to head down there right now!

Binx said...

I've never been to Santa Fe, but I hope I do someday. That food looks amazing! Gosh, I love food.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh my, how cool! It's hard to get a good vegan breakfast here, so I'm surprised there's an option in Santa Fe!

trina said...

Wow, now I really want to go to Santa Fe!

K.E.N. said...

that breakfast looks amazing!