Sunday, April 19, 2009

About Vegan Santa Fe; The Restaurant!

As I've mentioned in the last two posts, we enjoyed a great many vegan treats (perhaps too many *ahem*) while recently in Santa Fe.
However; worth it's own blog post, and better than anything else we experienced, was our delicious lunch at my friend Mariela's cafe; Vegan Santa Fe.
We arrived after the noon rush, so had the privilege of enjoying a leisurely lunch; savoring our food and some great conversation with Mariela before we finally headed out of Santa Fe.

Mariela has taken the cozy breakfast room of Casa del Toro Bed-n-Breakfast and turned it into a thriving lunch location for people in Santa Fe looking for organic vegan, raw vegan, gluten free or just plain delicious, fresh, colorful HEALTHY food! And she's off to an amazing start! And, when you're done reading, if my glowing review isn't enough to convince you to book tickets NOW, there are also lovely reviews written up (by "real" non-vegan restaurant critics, even!!) in The Santa Fe New Mexican and the Santa Fe Reporter.
I tried to take pictures, but don't use them to judge, we were having so much fun that picture-taking wasn't a priority. Sad too, because everything was beautiful and colorful!
First is my Moroccan Orange Salad with three types of oranges, kalamata olives and spices ( trust me, it was phenomenal!!). I'd never had blood oranges before. I was in the kitchen while this was being made earlier in the day, their deep red was so dramatic against the white cutting board, so pretty! I should have gotten a take-out to have for supper too, it was unique and soooo good!
Shaun, always more adventurous than I, chose the raw "burger" (somehow I only managed to photograph the "bun", yes, there's also a burger there) and it was amazing too! I really am not a "raw" fan, but this was totally something I'd order again and again! I snitched several from his large pile of crisp, herbed raw sweet potato "chips" too. Interesting, and definitely tasty! The "burger" was topped with loads of veggies, lettuces, sunflower sprouts, and savory macadamia nut "cheeze" spread on a raw bun, the burger itself a mushroom-nut patty made in the dehydrator over night (we snook?-sneaked?-snuk? into the kitchen with Mariela after sushi last night, to check on them). Definitely tasty. I don't know all her secrets even after hanging around the kitchen, but it certainly was good!
And of course, we couldn't leave without dessert, especially since Mariela knew what chocolate fanatics we were. We split a raw cacoa brownie topped with raw chocolate ice 'cream' that had cocoa nibs, coconut and other goodness in it. VERY chocolate-y and rich. And no refined sugar. Simply amazing. Garnished with a little rosebud, goji berries and pumpkin seeds. My mouth is watering even now. I've run out of adjectives! Ahhhhh. {contented sigh}.
We left Santa Fe rested, content and full of good, healthy food and wonderful conversation.
Here's a sweet little Native-American made bear fetish necklace that Shaun picked up for me. Awww... I love the colors, and New Mexico has some of the most lovely silver and turquoise anywhere. I'm not a huge gaudy jewellery person so this was SO perfect!!

I love my friends, I love New Mexico, I love being vegan and sharing my vacations with such like-minded, generous, fun, loving people.
That concludes my Southwest Vegan Review. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.
Hope your Spring has an equally tasty, fun-filled beginning.


Binx said...

Yeah! Everything looks great-- especially the brownie... Thanks for sharing!

T said...

Yum, everything looks amazing- especially the dessert! I would never think to make an orange salad either, I love that idea.

Bianca said...

Raw ice cream! I must go there!!!